Along with the prophecy of the appearance of the  Dajjal , the Messenger of Allah has left us some definite signs and symbols by which his Ummah or people can correctly identify and consequently be resistant to it and fight the impostor. In this chapter, the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah regarding the identity of the  Dajjal  will be put forward to get a clearer picture of the situation. Seen in this light, it is very pertinent and important part mainly because if the actual character of the  Dajjal  is not manifest before us, then the magnitude of the dangers represented by it cannot be accurately comprehended either. It is quite similar to an enemy disguised amongst us as a friend; therefore the harm it can cause us is enormous. It may be that this is why the Messenger of Allah has left us so many details wherewith the  Dajjal  can be identified. However, he has also added that it is only true Mo'mens who will be able to correctly identify the Imposter, even if they are illiterate, while on the other hand, even highly educated persons will miss the 'Kafer' written on the forehead of the  Dajjal  51


The Messenger has said, “The  Dajjal  will emerge from within the Jews, and the Monafeqs (hypocrites) will be its followers” -Ebne Hanbal (ra)- Muslim.

THERE is not much, to think, to explain in this Hadith because I have proved explicitly in the first chapter of  this book how the  Dajjal  came into being within the Jewish nation. Besides, this civilization is known as the Judeo-Christian technological civilization as it is; if the name bears testimony to the family one belongs to, then there is no room for dispute here. That Jews and Christians should adhere to it is understandable, but who are the Monafeqs mentioned here? Are they not the socalled Muslims of this world, who call themselves the Ummat-e-Mohammadi on one hand and on the other, have accepted the  Dajjal 's doctrine and dominance in every aspect of their collective lives? The definition of a Monafeq is someone who professes to one thing with his tongue and adheres to another in his action. In that case, the Muslims of the world today, who declare sovereignty of Allah pray and give Zakah, fast and perform the hajj, at the same time implement human sovereignty over that of Allah in their collective national lives: if these people are not Monafeqs, hypocrites, what then are they?

The Messenger has said, “The  Dajjal  will declare itself to be the lord and make mankind accept it as such”-Bokhari.

HOW exactly can the  Dajjal 's claim to lordship of mankind be interpreted? Is it not its insistence to be accepted as the supreme law-maker, the one who’s every dictate on socio-economic, political, educative issues, penalty and punishment, are to be obeyed and implemented by humanity as a whole? In the Hadith the Messenger of Allah has used the Arabic word 'rub' to describe the demand of the  Dajjal . The Arabic word 'rub' is generally translated into the word 'lord' in English and also as 'Sustainer' when it implies and indicates Allah. In this sense if we look at the 'developed' i.e. western countries which actually represent the Judeo-Christian Materialistic Civilization, we can see the justification of the use of the word ‘Rub' as sustainer. That these 'developed countries' are in fact occupies the place of sustainers of the 'underdeveloped' or 'developing' countries is no secret. This Hadith, read with Hadith No. VIII of this chapter will explain it more clearly, where the  Dajjal  appears as the sustainer besides being the 'lord'. The  Dajjal  will prevail upon mankind to revoke the rules and regulations, the collective way of life as prescribed in the centuries old Vedas, Law of Moses, Monu Songhita, the Qur'an, claiming them to be old, obsolete, and barbaric. It will persuade people to implement the new age, modern man-made laws, and limits in order to be progressive and live in wealth, prosperity and civility. In short, people will be asked to enjoy the bliss of heaven as it knows and enjoys.

The  Dajjal  will claim to be lord, not the Creator. The claim of the Judeo-Christian civilization is identical to that of the  Dajjal, since it holds no objection to the personal observance of faith, people are allowed to remain Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, adhere to any other religion they wish to in their personal lives, but they must all abide by and follow the collective life as dictated by it. In this category, i.e., the collective life, people are given a wide range of choice, a whole range of man-made ways of life, such as democracy, socialism, fascism, dictatorship, monarchy etc. to choose from: all that is except the one system which would rid the world of every injustice, every misrule… the way of the Creator, Din-ul-Huq (the true way of life).

In the course of time, the whole of mankind has indeed accepted the  Dajjal 's offer and entered its promised heaven, yet there is no peace or tranquility anywhere. Despite the fact that the entire human race has originated from one single couple, there is no peace on earth. Regardless of being members of one nation,52 men continue to kill and maim one another, burn down their dwellings and rape women. With the acceptance of the Dajjal's system of economy, some people get to amass wealth in obscene quantities and indulge in vulgar display of it while some people die of hunger, sell their own offspring not being able to feed and clothe them. Mothers commit suicide at their children's plight. As the result of implementation of Dajjal's legal and penal code, crime levels of every society continue to rise alarmingly; murder, theft, rape, arson, there is no end to the list. By far the worst of it all is the result of acceptance of the God-forsaken, soulless education policy of the Dajjal. With the banishment of the education prescribed by Allah, human beings seem to have lost all moral goodness, character and reached the levels of the lowest animals.

In this Hadith the word Sajda (prostration) has been used by the Messenger to describe the acceptance of the Dajjal as the lord by most of the mankind.

The literal meaning of 'Sajda' is submission, to prostrate before someone is to submit to his will, which is why Allah has forbidden man to prostrate before anyone but Him. Yet the whole of mankind including almost all the so-called Muslims today have accepted the Dajjal's way of life, have accepted its dominance over them and lay prostrate at its feet….and in so doing have been instrumental in Eblis' triumph over Allah. Eblis' promise to divert mankind from the Straight and Simple Path of Allah, the Seratul- Mustaqeem has been fulfilled and the result is only too apparent… anarchy, violence, injustice, unrest and endless bloodshed in every corner of the wide world.


  The Messenger has said, “The distancebetween the two ears of the Dajjal's mount will be 70 cubits” -Baihaqi, Meshkat.

IN THE Arabic language, seven-zero-seventy is used not only as a number but also to describe things that are many in number or enormous in size. It is only done with this number, not with any other number such as 50 or even 100. The Messenger of Allah has used this allegory to further describe the sheer size of the giant known as the Dajjal. It goes without saying that if only the distance between the two ears of a mount is so great, the mount itself should be huge and the rider, bigger still. In this context, there is another Hadith worth mentioning, but I cannot recall the source of this one since I did not read it myself. The Messenger of Allah has said, "The Dajjals mount will have one foot in the east and the other in the west of the world." It relates positively to the earlier Hadith reported by Hazrat Abu Horayra (r.a,) and hence is in all probability a Sahih or truthful one. They both convey essentially the same message, i.e., the enormity in size of both the Dajjal and its mount and its presence all over the world.

It is an undisputed fact that in this world today, there is no power mightier or more powerful than the Judeo-Christian civilization. There is nobody or nothing in this entire world that can stand up to it or resist it in any way… and this it has been able to maintain through unparalleled advancement in thefields of science and technology and its military might. Therefore, since the basis and source of the Judeo- Christian civilization rests on the harnessing and usage of scientific technology, the latter can be correctly likened to its vehicle or mount.

I hope these explanations will be an eye-opener for those who are waiting for the literal one-eyed giant the legs of whose mount will be on either sides of the earth. I ask you, is such an animal or a mount physically possible? Where is the space for such a creature to move on this small planet? Dajjal is the Judeo-Christian Civilization and the technological might is its mount.

People who would rather still cling to the Aqidah of a one eyed giant on a huge mount appear on earth can wait till doomsday for the Dajjal has already appeared and has the earth under its subjugation.


The Messenger has said, “The Dajjal's movement will be very fast. It will roam the sky like a cloud driven by wind.” -Nawas (ra) bin So'man, -Muslim, Tirmizi.

THERE does not seem much to explain about this Hadith, for when an airplane, devised by the Judeo- Christian technological civilization takes to the skies, and flies high in the air does it not resemble a piece of cloud driven by strong wind?


The Messenger has said, “The Dajjal will cause rain to fall from the sky.”-Nawas (ra) bin So'man, -Muslim, Tirmizi.

IN THIS Hadith, The Messenger of Allah foretold the procedure of causing rain over areas which receive insufficient rainfall. In this procedure, necessary chemicals are sprayed into the thin clouds to form cloud bring down rain. The procedure is in use in different countries around the world to cause rain. A meteorologist or an agriculturist can verify this fact.


The Messenger has said, “The Dajjal's cows, goats and sheep will be big with udders full of milk.” -Nawas (ra) bin So'man, -Muslim, Tirmizi.

THE cattle in the 'developed 'world, i.e., Europe and America are twice the size of our cattle and their milk production is around four to five times of the under developed countries of the world. Needless to say this has been brought about by the help of applying scientific methods in rearing cattle.


The Messenger has said, “The Dajjal will order subterranean wealth to come up and serve it”- Nawas (ra) bin So'man, -Muslim, Tirmizi.

BEFORE the industrial revolution, very little was known about the exploitation of subterranean wealth, however, within a short time, different procedures of procurement of these were made possible through advancement in scientific technology and with its consequent application in different fields. Today man is able to dig deep into the earth as well the ocean floor in search of petroleum, gas and other minerals. This is what the Messenger of Allah strove to convey through this Hadith. These natural elements are subservient to
the Dajjal in the sense that they are remitted to places at the Dajjal's will and used as it wants them to be used. They fuel Dajjal's mills and factories, its trade and battleships, cars and all other necessary equipment. The Messenger prophecy has come true to the last letter.


The Messenger has said, “The Dajjal will be in possession of huge quantities of 'rezk', meaning sustenance from which it will distribute among those it wants. Those who oppose it will not be provided for from it, whereas those who submit to it will dwell in prosperity. In this manner the Dajjal will enforce misery on Muslims.” -Bokhari & Muslim.

THE word 'Rezk' means food, clothing, housing, money, cars, jewelry and all otherworldly possessions and wealth. Who can deny or refute the fact that today the lion's share of this world's Rezk wealth lies in the hands of the Judeo-Christian civilization, namely, the Dajjal. The question now is who is the beneficiary of this wealth? Undoubtedly, it is among those who have wholeheartedly accepted its dominion over them and abide by it, disregarding the ways prescribed by the Creator. Those who dare to so much as even hold views different than the Dajjal's, (although in view of the present scenario it is next to impossible), are deprived of its bounties.

Let us suppose any group, nation or people were to reject the Dajjal's prescribed form of life (democracy, socialism etc.) and attempt to establish Allah's sovereignty, His doctrines, at their collective life? What would their fate be? Certainly that group would not be welcomed with open arms! It can be safely assumed that they will not only be met with grave opposition from the entire western world, all efforts will be made to punish them by means of embargoes of various kinds. However, it is not the Dajjal alone that will act in this hostile manner with people defiant of its authority. This same attitude can be seen in the people and governments loyal to the Dajja's doctrine, also inclusive of which of are different so-called 'Muslim' countries. They too, spare no means to punish those who attempt to resist the imposition of the Dajjal's will on them.Almost all developing countries in the world today are dependent on the so-called developed nations for aid and loans of all kinds. Among them, those who full-fledgedly accept the Dajjal's economic, political, i.e., collective issues are gratified with financial and other kinds of assistance in the forms of charity and loans. The extent of the dependence on foreign aid is such that all their development programs and projects are brought to a standstill and their governments collapse if the loans not are remitted at due time. In the unlikely event of any country, community daring to disobey the Dajjal's directive on any matter, economic, trade sanctions is imposed immediately on them and they are deprived of all help from the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, in one word from all the entities controlled by the Dajjal. How amazing it is that fourteen hundred years earlier the Messenger of Allah foretold the present sanction and embargo imposed by the Dajjal on disobeying people just short of using these two words.


The Messenger has said, "The Dajjal will be blind in one eye." -from Abdullah bin Omar (ra), Bokhari and Muslim.

AS THE Dajjal's right eye will be blind, everything it will see will be with its left eye only. Every Creation in this vast universe has two opposite sides to it. This entire universe is the cohesive mixture of the visible and invisible, solid and gas, water and fire, light and darkness, day and night, etc. Similarly in the life of His Khalifa, vice-gerent as well Allah ordained a set of opposite factors like body and soul, piety and sin, good and bad, material and spiritual, life of this world and the next and so forth. A balance between these opposite factions is natural and normal. In keeping with which, He has named the way of life revealed through His Messengers as the Din-ul-fetrah or the Natural way of Life and referred to those who adhere to it as the Millate- wasata or the Balanced People,53 If any aspect or angle of this balanced state is spoiled, an unnatural, abnormal situation is bound to arise which would defeat His purpose of trying and testing His human creation. A similar situation arose in Europe with the effort to implement the incomplete teachings of Isa (a.s.) (Jesus) in their collective life as has been explained in the Importance of the Dajjal's appearance.

It is common knowledge that a way or system of life minus the socio- economic and political aspects of a nation's life cannot be impeccably effective at a national level. However, that was exactly what the Christian pundits wanted to implement. This impasse resulted in the banishment of the Lord Creator's indictment in the collective life of the people of Europe and the subsequent establishment of man-made laws and regulations, penalty and punishment at the state level. Therefore, the hitherto balanced affairs of mankind were effectively destroyed. As a result, in the lives of the people who were brought under this system, one aspect of human existence was completely abolished and they now perceived things from only one side, the other was forever blinded.

The right side has traditionally been associated with the better aspect of all things. On Judgment Day, those who do good will be awarded their 'Amal Nama' or record book to the right hand, whereas those who are destined for hell will be given it to their left hand.54 This polarization continues with almost everything: the body is referred to as the left and the soul as the right, truth being right and falsehood left, in matters of the material and the spiritual, where the material is considered the left and the spirit the right, the life of this world is the left and the hereafter the right and so on. The Judeo- Christian materialistic civilization is blind in the right eye because it is oblivious to the correct balanced form of human life, is oblivious to the spiritual aspect of mankind, to the hereafter, to the mystery of the unknown, to the truth. It remains engrossed with only one side of life, that of the body; material and tangible, machine and technology, with life on this earth only…because these are all it can perceive with its oneeyed vision. Powerful telescopes enable this civilization to see far into the space, but due to the blindness in its right eye, it fails to see the Creator's hand in it, this civilization correctly conceives that this enormous creation is controlled by unseen forces and laws, but misses who might be responsible for such an enormous feat. Medical science informs this civilization that sustenance in prepared in the mother's breasts in readiness for the unborn child, but the blindness in the right eye prevents this society from acknowledging the identity of Him who ordains all this.

The Messenger has stated, "The Dajjal will be in possession of two things similar to heaven and hell. What it will claim to be its heaven will actually be hell and what it will call to be its hell, will turn out to be heaven. If you are present at that time, try to enter into its hell; that will be heaven for you." -From Abu Huraira (ra), and Huzaifa (ra) …Bokhari, Muslim.

WHEN the seal had been set on the usurp of sovereignty from Allah's hand, a new theology, named secular democracy came into being, where effectively all powers lay in the hands of the majority of the population, meaning the opinion of 51% or more from amongst the people would decide how the entire population conducted their collective life. However, since man is endowed with very little knowledge in every respect, he is unable devise a comprehensive faultless Way of life that would enable him to live in a society or world where there is no injustice, legal or moral, economic, social political, or any kind of oppression, unrest, turmoil and conflicts and bloodshed. Consequently, the effort to implement the similarly faulty, man-made laws and rules on the whole of Europe resulted in great disparities and injustices in every level of life. It was especially apparent in the economic sector, where the implementation of usury based monetary system resulted in marked inequalities in the distribution of wealth. One section in society amassed huge amount of wealth whereas another could barely survive; the natural consequence of which was that the wronged section revolted against the unfair practices and replaced the hitherto feudal economy with another man-invented system, the socialism in some regions, while others opted for communism, dictatorship etc. In other words, it has been one long struggle from one 'ism' to another, from democracy to socialism, to dictatorship to communism, amounting to precious nothing than to grope in the dark. Once the sovereignty has been removed from the Creator's hand, the one thing that has remained constant was that the basis for any way of life has been man's own sovereignty. The doctrines have only varied with time and place, therefore, monarchy, democracy, socialism, communism, dictatorship, are all but different phases or types of the sovereignty of Man, and the sum total of all these different ways of life or 'isms' is the Judeo- Christian civilization or the Dajjal.

The question that now arises is what exactly is it that the Dajjal requires us to do? Is it not the assertion that the secular isms and cracies it promotes are the best possible option to live man's collective social life by? Dajjal demands mankind to accept that Man-made laws and constitution, rules and limits, economy and education guided by it, as the most advanced and modern. If such constitution and theology is accepted by the world at large, they too will enjoy the benefits of living in paradise, their economic state, medicine, education, standard of living would become comparable to living in heaven. While on the other hand, those who do not accept and adapt Dajjal's way of life, will remain in the dungeons of hell, plagued by poverty, hunger and ignorance. Those who accept the Dajjal's theory of life to be true, in fact accept a way of life devoid of Allah's sovereignty, His Guidance, are those acceptable to the Impostor, and thus be the ones to be permitted to its heaven, be assisted militarily, monetarily and politically. The fate of those who would not accept the Dajjal's dominion is to be the exact opposite, deprived of all assistance, both monetary and military, be opposed politically, and effectively sent to hell.

That these are the same demands made by the Judeo- Christian civilization need not be explained in detail or with specific examples. It is only too apparent in the western world's attitude, literature and media, that their secular system, (inclusive of monarchy, democracy, dictatorship, socialism, communism) their education system, (which is completely materialistic, bereft of all moral and religious teaching), their social system (where forbidden sexual relationships are considered acceptable, where homosexuality is legal), their penal code (where murderers are let free on small technicalities or punished with much lighter punishment than they deserve and where rapists are let loose on parole to commit more rape and murder) are all superior, modern and progressive. No other system on earth is comparable, let alone better than theirs. All other political, social, economic and education systems are backward, dogmatic, reactionary, obsolete and ridiculous.

By the above Hadith the Messenger of Allah has meant that, "those who accept the Dajjal's way of life and enter its heaven will realize that it is in fact hell. Whereas those who remain in the Dajjal's hell, will find themselves in heaven". However, before we get into further discussion regarding this Hadith, we have to be clear in one point, which is, whether it is democracy, capitalism or communism etc, they are but all different phases or portions of the one same thing, namely the sovereignty of Man, hence the Dajjal, i.e. the Judeo-Christian civilization… the difference lay in only the degree and stages of implementation from the mildest to the severest form.

Any group, nation or state which has been misled into accepting the Dajjal's way of life as the only progressive system, implemented it in their collective lives have soon realized they were deceived into thinking so, what they perceived to be heaven turned out to be quite the opposite. For better understanding, let us study the case of the Dajjal's severest form, communism.

From the time Soviet Union and China turned communist, their every available means of communication has been lauding the merits of their system and calling upon others to follow their example. Anyone who has regularly tuned in to their radio must be familiar with that. It is interesting to note that the term they employ to describe their society is exactly the one used by the Messenger of Allah so many hundreds of years ago, 'paradise'. It would be correct to assume that once people experienced such blissful existence, they would be loath to get out of it, at the same time would also call on others to follow their example. However, quite the opposite of that occurred in both the cases of Russia and China. Within a short time of turning communist, these countries gradually isolated themselves from the world community to a point where no news or information regarding them was available to the outside world. What little was learnt, was released by the rulers themselves. This isolation soon earned them the names of the Iron Curtain for Russia and the Bamboo Curtain for China.

One has reasons to think that just the opposite should have been their stance, because if the implementation of a certain system resulted in turning the lives of any group, nation or state into a situation comparable to living in paradise, then instead of hiding from the world's view, they would flaunt their wellbeing to the rest of the world and call upon everyone to verify it. Instead of putting up Iron and Bamboo curtains they should have abolished even the need for visas to enter into their countries and should have left it on their own inhabitants to decide if they wanted to trade the heavenly bliss for anything else, and invite outsiders to visit them without any hindrances.

On the contrary, it is a historical fact, from the time they turned communist to the end of the cold war, Soviet Union and all the other eastern European countries remained cut off from the rest of the world. The only people to have contact and access to the outside world were the ruling high-ups.

The truth is there was no other way for the rulers of those countries. For the people of those countries who were fooled, deceived into accepting the God-less system soon realized that what they thought of as heaven before committing to was in fact far from it. By that time, however, it was too late. Yet that did not stop the general people from trying to get out. The choice of leaving one's homeland is never an easy decision to make, especially for those who know they can never go back, for leaving their country meant being forever displaced from one's homeland, heading for an unknown destination, the people and language so different from one's own. Yet all these deterrents were not able to dissuade the "dwellers of paradise" from trying to flee, in course of which they have often endangered the lives of their near and dear ones along with their own. When the building of the infamous Berlin Wall could not stop the people from crossing over, the authorities had watch towers equipped with machine guns built at every fifty feet of the Wall with instructions to shoot down anyone who tried to cross over to what they thought was free world, which in fact was not free, only a lesser "hell". When even that proved futile, a moat was dug along side the Wall to further dissuade defectors. Barbed wire fencing and electronic devices were added to the list that would keep people away from trying to flee. The more difficult it was made to defect, the harder people tried to: in course of which numerous persons lost their lives to the guards' bullets while others drowned trying to swim across moats and rivers. In desperation, people invented unprecedented means of escape: hot air balloons, which helped many to flee Soviet Union. During this time, a remarkable means of escape was devised by two families of the erstwhile East Germany. After Communist takeover of eastern Germany, walls were built along the border to prevent people from fleeing. Previous railway lines were blocked at the borders with walls, the railway tracks remaining as before. These two families somehow managed a railway engine in which the women and children were put while the men-folk drove it against the wall at high speed, crushing through to West Germany and freedom. This desperate attempt reflected the mentality of the general mass living under communist rule. Similarly, numerous more men, women and children have undertaken tremendous amount of risk, forsaking the love of the motherland, family and friends in trying to escape from what was thought to be paradise.

This did not apply only in the case of Soviet Russia or East Germany, wherever the severest form of the Judeo-Christian civilization i.e. communism has been accepted as the way of life, the plight of the masses has been the same.

Let us take the example of China. As soon as they realized what they had got into, thousands of Chinese tried to flee from their country, some losing their lives in the process while others were taken prisoners, others still drowned in attempts to swim across to the British held Hong Kong. The history of unprecedented influx of people from communist Vietnam has remained an unparalleled example. Men, women and children often numbering five to seven hundred have boarded boats meant to carry only about a hundred or so, and set sail for unknown destinations, little knowing where they would end up or if they would be granted asylum at all or not. Their boats have often sunk in storms, fallen prey to pirates who killed the men, raped the women and sold them in foreign lands. News of their plight has been published all over the world. These incidents have been repeated so many times that a new phrase, 'the boat people' has been coined to describe them. Accident after accident took place, yet the influx did not stop. People continued to crowd into little boats with their families and set sail on journeys to the unknown. There has not been any country in the South Pacific, which had not had to set up shelters and camps for these boat people. Not very long ago, clashes erupted between asylum seekers and the police in Hong Kong which left hundreds of persons dead.55 The same has been the state of every communist and socialist country. A significant number of Cubans have taken shelter in Florida, in the United States where they reside as illegal immigrants or aliens.

An incident following the Korean War of the 1950s is an example enough to demonstrate the fact that the Dajjal's paradise is actually hell for its inhabitants. The Korean peninsula was divided into two parts after the WWII, the south half as Republic of Korea with a democratic capitalist system while the northern half turned into a dictatorial socialist state as DPRK. When war broke out between these two in 1952, the Soviet Union and China rushed to the aid of their communist ally, whereas the United States, Britain and France joined forces with the south under the United Nations. After the war ended in 1955, one of the conditions for the exchange of the prisoners was that no POW would be forced to go back to their country if he opted otherwise. Of the 12760 (twelve thousand seven hundred and sixty) U.N. and South Korean soldiers taken captive by the communists, only 347 (three hundred forty seven) opted to remain in the communist north, while the rest wished to and returned to their homelands.

On the other hand, of the 75,797 (seventy five thousand seven hundred and ninety seven) North Korean communist soldiers held captive by the South and allies, 48,814 (forty eight thousand eight hundred and fourteen) declined to return to their own country. The declination of such a large number of soldiers to go back to their country posed a major problem for the U.N. which then arranged for their rehabilitation in different places such as the Philippines, Formosa, etc. Those who hold any doubt regarding this information may check the Encyclopedia Britannica, chapter on the Korean War and other proper sources including The United Nations.

After learning about these incidents, is there any room for doubt that the Dajjal's declared paradise is indeed hell for its inhabitants? If it was not actually so, if the situation prevalent there was not so deplorable would so many of its soldiers have braved an uncertain future, instead of going back to their motherland? On one hand was the beloved country of birth, families and relatives, friends and memories of a lifetime, on the other, unknown land and unseen future, foreign culture and language. If such a large number of people do indeed opt for the latter, does it not lead us to believe that they were actually suffering in the throes of hell and were ready to undertake any risk to try and get out? Those among the POWs who actually returned did so for the love of their families, wives and children, parents, relatives and friends and for the love of the motherland which proved too strong to sever and not for the system they were living in. I believe that if a clause was added to the treaty that would enable the families of those who opted not to go back were allowed to join the POWs, one wonders if even seven hundred would return instead of the twenty seven thousand who did.

The question that now arises is, what kind of paradise is it whence people strive with utmost desperation to escape from, board tiny vessels to cross big seas, try to swim across vast oceans, get electrocuted to death, die at the hands of the 'paradises' guards, and when held captive by the enemy, refuse to go back to the paradise forsaking the love of wife and children? Here another pertinent question comes up and that is- are only communism and socialism manifestations of the Dajjal and not others, such as democracy, capitalism? No, it is not either. All 'isms' or 'cracies' or ways of life that disregard the Creator as the ultimate law provider and Guide are different facets of the Dajjal… and this institution was brought into being by the Christian rulers of medieval Europe who tried to implement Christianity at the national level, despite it being devoid of all national, economic, military or social guidance or teaching. Consequently, the birth of the Dajjal took place with their adoption of secularism, which replaced the Creator's sovereignty with Man's own.

Next came the different phases or stages in the Dajjal's life. First came the feudal system, the inadequacies and injustices of which brought about the next step, capitalist monarchies. As the ill-effects of that system became too much for the common man to bear, socialism and its crude form communism surfaced. Time and time again, the adherents of different views have fought amongst themselves, like when
democratic and communist forces joined to oust dictatorial leaderships during the WWII. Soon after that, the democratic and communist systems engaged in cold war for more than four decades. The only reason full-scale wars did not erupt between these forces was the nuclear deterrent. By the end of the WWII, both the democratic and communist forces were in possession of nuclear arsenal and that worked as the only deterrent for WWIII. However, although the Dajjal has undergone different phases, such as infancy, childhood and reached adulthood in its span, and has seen clashes among its followers, it remains a single entity, a massive, one-eyed soulless giant -the Judeo-Christian materialistic civilization.

As for the North Korean soldiers who opted not to return, they chose the softer or milder version of the Dajjal over the severest. One of the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah best suits this occasion, 'the Dajjal will be in possession of two things similar to heaven and hell. It will call on mankind to accept it as their Lord (Rub), i.e. accept its word over that of Allah's and those who do so will be awarded places in its heaven, which will be hell for them. Those who reject it will be flung into its hell and that will be heaven for them'. Today this wide world, excepting the holy cities of Makka and Madina has accepted the Dajjal's dominion, its so-called heaven, which is in reality, hell. The prophesy of the last Messenger has come true to the letter. Then has been further development in the life of the Dajjal. It has grown to its maturity. After the collapse of its extreme form the Communist Soviet Unions, the milder form of the Dajjal, Secular Democracy is now the one eyed giant that has the world at its feet; including the populace which claims to be Mo’men, Muslim and Ummat-e-Mohammadi i.e. the nation of Mohammad (s.a.s) that runs to the mosques five times a day, fasts the month of Ramadan and makes pilgrimage to Makkah. Even where the Dajjal was divided between its milder and extreme forms it was dominant over the world, each trying to impose its own form on it. Now that the extreme form has become comparatively powerless. The middle form become arrogant and brazenly demanding to be accepted as the lord of the mankind. It has already declared that it would establish Secular Democracy i.e. Sovereignty of Man, in place of sovereignty of Allah on every inch of the earth. (Recall Hadith no. XIIIwhere the Messenger of Allah  prophesied that there will be not a piece of land or water where the Dajjal's power and influence will not be present.)


The Messenger has said, "The word 'Kafer' (disbeliever) will be written between the Dajjal's eyes. Only believers (even those who are illiterate) shall be able to read it; disbelievers even those who are literate will neither see nor read it." -from Abu Horayra (ra), Hozayfa (ra), and Anas (ra)…Bokhari, Muslim.

THIS IS one of the most important and significant Hadith regarding the gravity of the Dajjal's situation. It is apparent from the narration that the word 'Kafer' meaning disbeliever, will not be written literally with alphabets on the Dajjal's forehead, since Mo'mens, believers even if they happen to be illiterate will perceive the Dajjal as an disbeliever while on the other hand, no matter how highly educated or intellectual a person might be, if he/she is not a believer will not be able to gauge the writing on Dajjal's forehead. Therefore, it is apparent that it will not be written with the letters 'qaf ( ك)', 'fay ( ف)' and 'ray ( ر)'. Now, then who are these Mo'mens or believers who will see what others won't? By the Creator's own definition, 'the (true) believers are only those who believe in Allah  and His Messenger and afterward do not doubt, and strive and struggle with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah . Such are the sincere.56

We should bear in mind that this description befits only those who accept and believe in Allah 's allencompassing Tawheed, in His Sovereignty, those who accept no one else's word in any sphere of their lives, except the All-Mighty's since it has already been declared by Him that partial or eclectic acceptance of His word or doctrine is not acceptable to Him. By limiting acceptance and implementation of Allah 's directions in only the personal side of their lives, the so-called Muslim populace of this world too has accepted the Dajjal as their 'rub' meaning lord and in so doing are unable to realize its true form, that it is indeed the greatest usurper of all times, that of the very sovereignty of Allah .

As a natural consequence, this entire population is unable to read the depiction of 'Kafer' on Dajjal's forehead. On the other hand are those who believe only on what Allah  has directed, accept those as the only ones to be followed in every aspect of their lives, they will be the lucky ones to see and read the 'Kafer' written on the Dajjal 's forehead, since this description is another allegorical one, similar to the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah  in which he informs of the arrival of a colossal giant astride a mighty, huge mount. In another Hadith, he states, 'the entire world will accept the Dajjal's subjugation.57 Since the whole world is to accept the Dajjal's mastery, the Muslim population, which accounts for one-fifth of the entire number, will be no exception. One the one hand we see this Muslim population accepting the Dajjal's doctrine of life, while on the other, they strive with their utmost to become paragons of piety, of good deeds. Some of the highest ranking leaders of this population turn their foreheads black by striking repeatedly in prayer, yet these same leaders along with their people accept the sovereignty of Man, by rejecting Allah 's and seek the Dajjal's protection, accept all kinds of monetary and military assistance from the Dajjal. These people think nothing of turning their wrath on those among them who try to establish Allah 's Tawheed, His Sovereignty, detain and torture them, hang and execute them. These leaders believe in what the Dajjal has taught them that religion is a matter of personal adherence, not a collective or national issue. Is it any wonder then if these people fail to see or understand that the Dajjal is indeed the disbelieving one and are unable to read the writing on the forehead of the Dajjal ?


The Messenger has said, "Seventy thousand among my Ummah will follow the Dajjal."-from Abu Sayeed Khudri (ra), Sahre Sunnah.

THIS Hadith of the Messenger of Allah  goes to further prove that the 'Muslim' populace of the world will likewise follow the Jews and the Christians in accepting the Dajjal's way of life. As it has been stated earlier, the number 70 in Arabic stands for many or numerous, i.e., beyond count. This same figure, (70), is used to denote the number of Jews and Christians to follow the Dajjal doctrine as the Messenger of Allah  states, 58 thousand Jews and Christians will follow the Dajjal.57 That the Jews and Christians would accept the Dajjal and its ways is the logical consequence, since it is their inception. However, from this Hadith, it is clear that they will not be the only ones to do so, the so-called 'Muslim' populace of this world will follow suit. The Messenger of Allah  has used seventy thousand for both Jews and Christians and for his Ummah, meaning that the Jews, Christians and this so-called 'Muslims' of the present day will all follow the Dajjal i.e. accept it to be their 'lord', which is exactly the case now. The actual scenario is hardly any different, since excepting a small piece of land in the Arabian peninsula, every inch of land ruled by 'Muslims' is governed according to Judeo-Christian norms in politics, economic and social fields. The Shariah and the Islamic penal code have been replaced by the Dajjal's constitution and decrees and penalty handed down based on that. The 'Muslim' population has long since forsaken Allah 's criterion of good and bad, moral and immoral and accepted the Dajjal's standards of morality and values as its own in their collective lives. In other places, the Messenger of Allah  has informed of his Ummah's following of the Judeo-Christian civilization short of naming the Dajjal. In one such Hadith, he states, "In the future, you will follow your antecedents to such an extent that if they enter a snake's pit, you will follow them." At this point, he was asked, "O Messenger of Allah , are they the Jews and Christians (who will be thus followed)?" He replied, "Who else (but them)?" In another Hadith, he states, "A time will come when my Ummah will follow them to the extent that if anyone of openly committed incest with his mother, someone from within my Ummah will do the same.59

Although the Messenger of Allah  has not mentioned the Dajjal by name in these two Hadith, however, by studying similar Hadith s and in the affirmation of about 70 thousand of among his Ummah following the Dajjal, leaves no room for doubt that the subject matter of these is the same, namely the Judeo-Christian civilization in fact, the Dajjal: and that the so-called 'Muslims' of this world have indeed accepted it as their Lord or Rub in all but their personal lives. At the collective level, where it really matters, every word of the Great Impostor is whole-heartedly believed and adhered to: at the same time, owing to the perverted concept of their faith, they remain engrossed in fruitless prayer, fast and piety. People who believe the Dajjal's way of life, in secular democracy and other 'cracies' and 'isms' also have trouble accepting the fact that Islam's primary function and scope is in the national life of a people, its secondary reflection and version is the personal life; although numerous examples from the Qur'an and the Hadith can be put forward to support this. Before them, I would like present just this one thing. Among the five 'fard' or compulsory responsibilities of a Muslim, four are of collective nature, only one remaining strictly personal. Iman, meaning Tawheed, Salah, Zakah, Hajj are all for collective observance, while only 'saom' or fasting is private. In accepting the five pillars of Islam as issues of personal adherence, these people have accepted the Dajjal in their private and personal lives as well.


The Messenger has said, “The Dajjal's power and influence will encompass the world's water and earth. The surface of the world will be covered by it as skin on an animal's back.” -from Masnad-e-Ahmed, Haqeem and Dar-ul-Nushr.

WHAT has the Messenger of Allah tried to relay through this allegory if not the Judeo-Christian civilization? For is not all the world's water and land under the control and influence of this one superpower? Even a short time back, there was dissension between two forces of the Dajjal, but today, there is none, today only the Judeo-Christian technological civilization stands as the supreme power on the face of the world, with none to challenge or stand up to its domination. There is not an inch of land or water on this planet where this power does not have access to, or cannot get its own will imposed upon. The allegory used by the Messenger of Allah best describes this scenario… as complete and uninterrupted as the skin on an animal… what better word to describe the scenario where the entire world is under the grip of the Judeo-Christian civilization.

Throughout the world's history, large land areas have been conquered by might military powers, huge empires have been established and ruled by them for generations and numerous dynasties established, like the Roman and Byzantine empires, the Ming dynasty of China and so forth. However, never in time had it so happened that a single super power has controlled the entire earth or that a single theory, secularism has been accepted the world over as a whole as it has been in the case of the Dajjal.

If the Muslim population were not to accept the Dajjal, the Messenger of Allah might have rephrased his statement, perhaps saying that one-fifth of the people would not accept it, or that all except his Ummah would accept the Dajjal. However, he said neither of these, which further proves that the 'Muslim' populace too is the follower of the Dajjal. As I have stated earlier, there is no parallel to the present situation of a single ideological domination of the entire world. Before the technological advancement brought about by the Judeo-Christian civilization, the idea of world domination remained a distant dream due to the time and effort entailed in communication and getting from one place to another. However, with rapid scientific  growth, communications has become easy and that in turn facilitated the prospect of complete domination of the world by the Dajjal.


The Messenger has said, “Arabia too will come under the grip of the Dajjal and its influence and control will be effective here as well.” -Bokhari, Muslim.

IN MANY other Hadith s the Messenger of Allah has narrated about the Dajjal's grip on the world. In this one, however, specifically mentioned Arabia, the cradle of the last reformed version of the Din-ul-Islam, too will not remain immune to the influence of the Dajjal. Although the Qur'anic injunctions regarding law and order, trade, penalty and punishment remain in force partially in same part of the Arabian peninsula today, in all other aspect including the system of government, the economy, the rulers look towards the western powers for direction and guidance and act in accordance with their wishes. They make no mistake in realizing that should they act differently than their foreign masters wish them to, their thrones or their precious emirates would soon be snatched away from them and bestowed upon people more keen to follow them, people of their liking. Since the war in Iraq in 1991, the peninsula of Arabia has been under complete domination of the Christian & Jewish army and they have almost completely turned it into an occupied territory. The Arab rulers of the peninsula have neither the wish nor the ability to move a finger to cause the displeasure of their foreign masters.


The Messenger has said, "The Dajjal will be able to reach any place in the world save Makkah and Madina. Two angels will guard every entry into Madina and prevent the Dajjal from entering the holy city."-from Abu Bakr (RA) and Fatima (ra) bint Qaes-Bokhari, Muslim.

WE NEED only to take a good look around the world to understand the implication of this Hadith of the Messenger of Allah. Since the entire world along with the so-called Muslims have accepted the Dajjal's philosophy in life, manifest in democracy, socialism, monarchy and such, there is no dispute that it is universally applied and its tentacles reach into the far corners of the earth. The so-called 'Muslim' populace, their leaders and the general mass too have rejected Allah's sovereignty and traded it for that of Man, thereby adopting the Dajjali system as their own. Therefore, there is no territory it does not have access to. The only exceptions to this rule are the two holy cities of Makkah and Madina. As discussed in the previous topic, the Messenger of Allah predicted the arrival of the Dajjal in the Arabian Peninsula it self. In this one, he elaborated about the only places on earth to be immune to the Dajjal's influence. Judeo-Christian forces were invited into the Arabian Peninsula by Muslim leaders during the war in the Gulf and have remained there since, more powerful than the entire Arab world's military might put together. Yet the holy cities of Makkah and Madina have remained out of bounds for them and will continue to be so, Insha'llah. The reason for this is not that the Arab leadership or the people can resist any attempt by the Dajjal forces to enter the holy cities, but because the Messenger of Allah has confirmed the presence of angels guarding the entrances to them. Yet, there remains a scope of argument here. These two towns, Makkah and Madina, at present are under Monarchy, which is not sovereignty of Allah and the rulers of these two towns are not Mo’men, their Elah is the Dajjal. So what is meant by these being guarded by Malayeks (angels) preventing Dajjal's entry into these two towns? In one Hadith the Messenger predicted that entire Arabia would be under the grip of Dajjal and Dajjal's influence and control will be effective there (Hadith no- XIV) and in another he said that it would be prevented from entering Makkah and Madina by Malayeks. I think what the Messenger has meant by these two apparently contradictory Hadith is that through Dajjal's domain will be established over all Arabia through its subservient rulers of their dominion, but the physical presence of Dajjal in the two Holy cities will be prevented by the grace of Allah, through His angels standing guard at the doors.


The Messenger of Allah has referred to the Dajjal as the Masih-ul-Kazzab in some places and the Masih-ud-Dajjal in others. from Abu Huraira (ra),- Bokhari, Muslim. Abu Bakr (ra), Obaydah (ra) bin Samawet, - Abu Daud. The Messenger of Allah has used the same word 'Masih' to denote the Messenger Isa (a.s.). -Bokhari, Muslim, Tirmizee.

I BELIEVE it needs no further explanation or justification that the Dajjal should be called the 'Masihul- Kazzab' or the 'Masih-ud-Dajjal' since it is the greatest impostor of all times, the usurper of Allah's sovereignty and the one to call upon mankind to accept it as their 'rub' or lord. However, the thought provoking part is that this word, 'Masih' has also been used both in the Qur'an and the Messenger's Hadith to refer to the Messenger Isa (a.s.) (Jesus). At first thought it does sound strange that a word used to describe a Messenger of Allah should also denote the greatest Impostor of all. However, it is soon cleared up once we understand the meaning of this word. In the Arabic language, the word 'Masih' means to envelope, cover, embrace or engulf. In that sense, both Isa (a.s.) the Messenger and the Dajjal the deceiver are 'Masih' since both their ideas are spread all over the globe. Despite the fact that Isa (a.s.) was sent strictly for the children of Israel, his teachings did not remain limited there, as I have explained earlier in the Chapter- Importance of the Dajjal's emergence. In his absence, Paul and his other disciples transcended that barrier and their preaching of a new faith resulted in the birth of Christianity and consequently, the Dajjal. Following the industrial and cultural revolutions, the Christian powers amassed great wealth and military might that enabled their colonization of almost the whole of the earth's surface. Between their influence and the untiring efforts of the Christian missionaries, they have been successful in turning Christianity into the numerically largest of the world religions and there is no place on the earth where Christianity has not spread and thus it envelopes the earth. Although the present day Christianity is far from the actual faith preached by the Messenger Isa (a.s.), it goes by his name and hence can be correctly said to 'mus' or engulf the entire world. This is the reason for Isa's (a.s.) title as the 'Masih'. On the other hand, the Dajjal sprung from the human distorted religion of the Messenger Isa (a.s.) and has enveloped the entire world with its might; in that respect, the Dajjal too is a 'Masih'. It has been referred to as the 'Masih-ul-kazzab' as well, since it is to engulf the world with its dazzling facade, hence the lying, deceiving 'Masih'.


The Messenger has said, “Isa (a.s.) will destroy the Dajjal.”-from Abdullah bin Omar (ra) –Muslim; Nawa (ra) bin Sa'man -Muslim and Tirmizi.

THE question that arises at this point is, what reason can justify the need for a Messenger from more than two thousand years back in time, to bring an end to the malaise of the Dajjal's reign? Isa (a.s.) is the only person to have been bodily taken away from the earth and to be send back thousands of years later, (of which two thousand have already elapsed and only Allah is able to tell how much longer it will be before he actually is sent down). Could He not have caused the Dajjal to be destroyed by Imam Mahdi (a.s.) or any other contemporary character? Or would it be a burden on Him Who has created too many to count from the time of Adam to the last man to create another human being who would destroy the Dajjal? Incidentally the only other human to have been bodily transported to the heavens was Idris (a.s.) but who would not return to the earth. Only the Messenger Isa (a.s.) is destined to return to the earth in the same state as he was taken up. What might be the reason behind this exceptional and interesting feat?

The only reason is that the entities of Isa (a.s.) of more than two thousand years ago and the Dajjal of today are intricately interwoven. If these two had nothing whatsoever in common, why would one person in particular have been chosen as the one to bring an end to the other? Especially since they are so apart in time.

If we take the accepted concept of the Dajjal, that of a huge one-eyed giant astride a mighty horse or a mount, this question becomes even harder to answer while on the other hand, if we accept the Judeo- Christian materialistic civilization as the Dajjal, the question of Isa's (a.s.) coming to destroy it not only seems the perfect answer, it seems as the only logical as well.

Isa (a.s.) like all other Messengers before him was a 'Mo’men' 'believer' i.e. exponent of sovereignty of Allah by faith and a Bani Israeli by kinship. It was his Ummah, his following, who distorted his teaching, brought about a completely new and different religion resulting in the birth of the materialistic giant in the form of the Dajjal, one that is responsible for imposing its own sovereignty over that of Allah's. If Isa (a.s.) would not take up responsibility for destroying this satanic reign, who would? For the responsibility ultimately lies with him. Allah had caused His Messenger, Isa (a.s.) to be bodily removed to his heavenly abode just as the olema of his times, the Rabbis, Sadducees and Pharisees in collaboration with their Roman rulers were about to nail him to the cross. In his stead, the traitor among his disciples who had betrayed his master for a mere 30 coins, Judas Iscariot was made to look exactly like him in appearance and body by Allah so that the Romans and the Rabbis thought they had crucified Isa (a.s.) when in reality it was Judas, the traitor who died in the cross. Perhaps, it was after his accession to heaven that Allah had enabled Isa (a.s.) to see into the future the handiwork of his so called followers when he beseeched the Lord to grant him another chance to right the wrong committed by his Ummah. Or it might have been Allah's ordinance that Isa (a.s.) should return to the earth to bring en end to the mighty Dajjal, whose declaration of being god had been accepted by all mankind including the followers of His last Messenger, the one who caused the establishment if its own sovereignty thereby inducing mankind to shun Allah's. There seems no other logical explanation for relegating the job of the Dajjal's destruction to one particular Messenger who lived thousands of years prior to its existence. I would be too happy to correct myself if any better reasoning can be awarded for this.

All the Hadith s put forward so far have been those where the Dajjal has been specifically mentioned. However, there are many others where the Messenger of Allah has tried to relay the message without naming it. I would like to reiterate that, although the so called 'Muslim' populace of this world declare themselves to be Mo'mens, true believers, they too have joined the rest of the world in accepting the Judeo- Christian materialistic civilization's ideology in all major aspects of their lives, thus have accepted the Dajjal's dominion over them. Only in their personal lives do they accept the Lord's words; however, in that respect also, with the blind aping of the Judeo-Christian civilization, whatever little is adhered to, is overshadowed. In the next few Hadith, we find prophecies of this same thing.

I. The Messenger of Allah said, "You will follow your predecessors to the extent that if they enter a reptile/snake's hole, you will follow"- He was asked "O Messenger of Allah! Are they the Jews and Christians (who are to be thus followed)?- He replied, "Who else?"

II. The Messenger of Allah said, "A time is coming when my followers will mimic and ape the Bani Israelis step by step, if one of them openly engages in incest with his mother one from my Ummah will soon follow."

In this particular Hadith, the Messenger has only mentioned the Jews, but needless to say, Jews and Christians are in reality one nation as I have discussed earlier; the term 'Bani Israel' can be used to denote both Jews and Christians; and that is what the Messenger has implied. In these two Hadith s, he has undoubtedly meant the Dajjal short of naming it.

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